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Explore recent press pieces, pool launches and find answers to frequently asked questions all from this resources page.

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Maple's Market Outlook Report 2023

Our first Market Outlook Report shares our collective learnings from 2022, predicts what 2023 will bring for the industry and Maple, and introduces our team. Key opinion leaders provide thoughts on how we as an industry can evolve and recalibrate back to its original intent and technical capabilities.

Ari Paul

On-chain lending wins first via niches that are radically underserved by TradFi - like Amazon first selling antique rare books

Ari Paul

CIO, Managing Partner | BlockTower Capital

Deep Dives


Cash Management Solution

Replay the Cash Management Pool Launch event with Maple and hedge fund Room40 Capital for everything you need to know about the new Pool.

AQRU Receivables Financing

AQRU brings receivables financing onchain - watch the launch event to learn more about the lending opportunity uncorrelated with crypto markets.

M11 Credit Permissioned Pool

M11 Credit share how they underwrite loans to trading firms with market-neutral strategies.


Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual's unanimous vote to deposit 10% treasury into M11 Credit wETH pool

Volt Protocol

Volt propose lending into Orthogonal Credit USDC pool to drive a strong $VOLT rate


M11 Credit proposal for Lido to deposit idle treasury assets


M11 Credit

April's pool performance report and market outlook from M11 Credit


April's pool performance report from AQRU

FAQs, answered

Find answers to frequently asked questions here.


Maple was founded in 2019 and launched in May 2021 by a team of former credit investment professionals and technologists.

Maple is a blockchain-based financial technology provider on a mission to reshape debt-capital markets by combining industry compliance standards with the transparent and frictionless lending enabled by blockchain technology.

Maple has three core customers Lenders, Borrowers and Pool Delegates. Maple provides credit professionals (Pool Delegates) with an integrated lending product that drives more deal flow at better margins, digital asset holders (Lenders) access to previously private lending markets and innovative companies (Borrowers) with access to efficient financing through its marketplace


Maple has three core customers Lenders, Borrowers and Pool Delegates.

Institutional Borrowers come to Maple to access flexible and efficient financing needed to operate and grow their businesses. For Lenders, Maple offers a sustainable and reliable yield from lending to Institutional Borrowers. Loans are managed and underwritten by teams of credit professionals called Pool Delegates, who assess credit-worthiness and set loan terms with Borrowers, and elect to run their business on Maple for operating ease and effectiveness.


Maple excels in large but underserved markets. We support the companies at the frontiers of technology and innovation that have established products and services which their customers value and require access to flexible capital to keep growing. Borrowers from pools on Maple are typically mid-market firms that operate in niche sectors like market-making and bitcoin mining that cannot access capital from traditional sources.


The combination of Maple's lending technology with its network of thousands of Lenders and Borrowers provides Pool Delegates with more deal flow at better margins. Pool Delegates are credit professionals with experience in underwriting to certain categories market makers, FinTech firms and more. These can be independent credit professionals with established lending businesses or the lending arm of an institution.

The suite of services offered by Maple means Delegate teams can focus on their area of expertise - underwriting. The Role of the Pool Delegate is to set the pool strategy, attract capital, actively manage the credit risk and liquidity of the pool and report performance to Lenders.


A wide range of institutional borrowers use Maple for their capital needs. Borrowers from pools on Maple include leading crypto-native companies and high growth Web2 companies needing capital to fund growth and operations. Borrowers complete KYC/AML and undergo rigorous due diligence to determine creditworthiness before loans are underwritten and issued by the Pool Delegate.


Lenders come to Maple to access a diversified mix of yield opportunities. Maple provides access to institutional grade lending opportunities to thousands of individual and institutional capital allocators including Accredited Investors, Crypto Funds, Family Offices, and DAOs. Lenders use Maple to earn 'real-yield' from interest payments made by institutional borrowers.

Borrowers from Maple must meet rigorous underwriting criteria and meet minimum balance sheet and equity size requirements. Pool Delegates are laser focused on determining Borrowers use of leverage, equity cushion, historical performance, cash flows and access to capital. Delegates decline borrowers that do not meet these requirements.

All borrowers are required to execute a Master Loan Agreement that that provides a venue for enforcement in the event of a default.


Pool Delegate apply traditional credit underwriting techniques alongside enhanced technology solutions to conduct due diligence, underwrite loans, and manage the credit risks of their pool.

The process includes assessment of Borrowers' corporate structure and team, financial statements and audits.


Maple is built to mitigate risks and has rigorous due diligence processes in place to protect users of the protocol.

First, all pools operate independently from each other, Lenders in one pool do not have exposure to Lenders or loans in another pool.

Second, Pool Delegates uphold industry leading credit underwriting standards to underwrite and manage loans to Borrowers with strong balance sheets and cash flowing businesses. Each borrower enters into loan agreements with legal recourse.

Third, all Borrowers, loans terms and repayment statuses are shared transparently on the WebApp.

Smart contract risks are mitigated through rigorous testing practices to ensure smart contracts issues are identified and addressed prior to deployment. Maple’s smart contracts are audited by top tier smart contract auditors and viewable here. Maple received a protocol safety score of 92% from DefiSafety.

Lastly, compliance risks are mitigated because Lenders in permissioned pools go through full KYC & AML, all Borrowers and Pool Delegates undergo full KYC and AML, and all wallets are screened by TRM Labs as a condition precedent to deposit.



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