Borrow through Maple

Coming soon! Capital-efficient borrowing for top-tier institutions

Borrower Benefits

Capital efficient collateralization
Fixed collateral requirement
Your reputation counts
Institutional grade

How Maple works

Request a quote for a loan
Enter a secure discussion with a Pool Delegate
Agree on terms that reflects your reputation and borrowing history
Enjoy certainty on collateral, rate, and term for your loan

Borrowing on Maple

Through its ‘peer-to-pool’ protocol, corporations are able to access capital efficient finance faster. Borrowers can leverage their reputational strength to borrow undercollateralized without constant fear of liquidation.
Maple Roles
Maple App

How to get your loan

A Pool Delegate will privately assess your request and agree terms with you before the Liquidity Pool funds your loan. The collateralization and interest rate will depend on your reputation and track record.